Thursday, June 20, 2013

How do you hang your wreaths?

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I love big projects, you know the kind, the ones that take hours and hours of planning and building and painting. The projects you finish and then you oooooo and ahhhh over for years. Yep, they are awesome. But sometimes it’s nice to call a friend and schedule an easy project for a craft day. You know, the ones you can finish in 4 hours even though there are 7 kids running around? Yep, you’ve probably been there too.

Well my friend and I had just the project planned. We both needed a summer wreath and after browsing Pinterest, we saw this gumball wreath (insert “ew gross from our husbands”) Click here for the original tutorial.


Making the wreath was really easy. Just a wreath form, gumballs, hot glue, and some spray paint.


So here they are before spray paint. And here is mine after spray paint.


I guess the hardest part was figuring out how to hang it. I loved how it was hung in the inspiration photo. No hooks, no bows, just nice clean lines. So here is what I came up with.

I bought a quarter of a yard of chevron fabric.

Take your fabric and unfold it. and then fold it right sides together and stitch down the open edge. Or….make your 7 year old daughter do it for you….you know she has been begging to help. ;)


Next, turn it right side out and press it so the seam goes right down the middle and then top stitch the edges.

Now comes the cool part. Once you’re finished making your “ribbon” loop it through your wreath and match up the edges. Then sew some button holes at the top. One for each side.


Next, put some command hooks  UPSIDE DOWN on your door the same distance apart as your button holes.


All you have to do now is hang it. Just flip the tail end of your ribbon to the back of your door and catch your buttonholes on your hooks.


No more metal hooks for me! I love how this turned out!


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