Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Engagement Photos with an Old Window

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My little sis got married last June.  I went and took engagement photos for her.  She had seen a photo with an old three pane window and their wedding date written on it.  She told me she wanted to do something like that.  So I asked around a few groups on Facebook, and was shocked within 24 hours I had a response from someone that had one, and even lived on my way home from work!

I picked up this window.  It looked really good aside from the paint on the window panes.

That was no big deal though.  I just got out some paint stripper and brushed it on there.  It says you have to wait like 5 minutes or something like that, but I think because it was glass,  the paint started coming off as I was brushing the stripper on.  It also says on the can not to pour the paint stripper into a plastic cup.  Being the rebel I am though I thought oh it will be fine!  I should have taken a picture of my cup. I got done brushing it on and then set my cup on the porch, like ten minutes later the cup was all bent over and just about eaten all the way through.  Luckily I noticed and hurried and threw it in the garbage.  So make sure you follow that instruction when using paint stripper! Do NOT put it in a plastic cup!

I let the stripper sit on it for probably not even 5 minutes.  Then I wiped it off with a paper towel, and cleaned them with Windex.  And I made sure I wore gloves for the whole process too! 

I was going to put vinyl on the window with her wedding date.  But then I thought it would be cute if later we put some of her wedding or engagement pictures in the panes of the window, and I didn't really want to deal with vinyl.  Then I looked in my craft cabinet and I had some white window chalk (which I have no idea why I ever had that to begin with,) But it worked PERFECT!

Here are a few of her pictures that we took with the window!
Image Courtesy of Alese Stewart Photography

Image Courtesy of Alese Stewart Photography

Image Courtesy of Alese Stewart Photography

Image Courtesy of Alese Stewart Photography

Image Courtesy of Alese Stewart Photography

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