Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Outdoor Furniture Tips and Ideas

Summer is upon us!!!  
I LOVE this time of year!  I love shopping my favorite store...what else?  Home Depot!  I love the colors, the plants, the flowers, the weather...

I love everything about it and this year being on a tighter budget then other years, I've had to come up with inexpensive ways to decorate my yard & porch...I'm gonna let you in on a little secret!  You can reclaim almost anything!!!  My favorite tool is spray paint...the color are amazing and it holds up on any type of furniture, especially metal outdoor furniture!  

the plants above are in a metal file box I found at a thrift store...spray then sand for great chippy effects

pop your favorite color on any old chair, give it a sand on the edges and toss a throw pillow insert into a fun pillow case...add some ribbon and you have a comfortable outdoor chair...the more the weather beats on this chair, the more I will come to love it...

My $5 wicker chair find...YES!  You can find inexpensive projects to reclaim...added some lagoon spraypaint, a chair pillow from last year and some throw pillows from inside the house...makes you want to grab a cold drink and relax a bit...

These chairs were reclaimed from a neighbor who was throwing them away...there are parts that are broken but you can't see them because the plants cover them...our puppy & chickens seem to want to eat or chew EVERY plant I've put into a pot so I had to become resourceful and find a way to keep the plants away from the animals...these chairs are hung by nails and keep the plants up out of the dog & chicken's reach...there are only two chairs here now but more will be added as I find goal is to have a variety of chairs all along this fence line...

these are last years find...they stayed outside all winter...I bought a table and 6 chairs for $25 at a yard sale...they go great around the I get extra money through the summer they will be fitted with comfy pillow cushions...

This little find was a dark brown...a coating of "Seaside" spray paint gave this a whole new look...this table is one-of-a-kind in style and so it will be used indoors & outdoors this summer...

Continue to find different & unique ways to pot your plants...old pots, metal mailboxes, baskets, anything to bring interest & color to your yard...have a wonderful summer...

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  1. I adore the chairs on the fence as little plant shelves, who would have thought .... so clever!!

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  3. These chairs all look wonderfully colorful! I wouldn't mind sitting in something that bright this year. I may have to try giving my old patio chairs a new layer of paint. I think red would look quite nice.
    Jayden Eden |

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