Friday, May 17, 2013

Removing Wood Veneer

 Howdy Folks! It's Jamie again. Isn't this buffet awesome?? It's one of my dreams to find one of these babies at a yardsale or the DI but really who would ever willingly give one of these up? Not me, I had a hard time giving this one back to it's owner:) Anyway, one of my clients brought this awesome buffet to me to refinish, it's a family heirloom and was in pretty rough shape. I was originally just going to wood putty the damage but then realized it was far too damaged and needed the thin layer of veneer removed. I was NERVOUS! Yes, even us Reclaimers get nervous.

 After some helpful tips from my fellow Reclaimers, we went about  attempting to remove the veneer. First we laid some damp towels on the top. It's amazing what moisture will do to wood. It didn't take very long for the entire top thin veneer piece to just start curling up everywhere.

 Using mostly a putty knife the majority just came right off, we then used a heat gun to get those last stubborn pieces off.
 See what gorgeous wood was under all that age and water damage, LOVE it!! The client wanted it a beautiful two-tone with a light glaze. I think it turned out awesome and it's one of my favorite pieces that I've ever re-done. I hope it stays in her family for many more years and that they enjoy it as much as I did. I'm totally jealous of anyone who gets awesome family heirlooms handed down!
This piece was a learning experience for me and it turned out awesome! So go tackle that piece that's been making you nervous, you can do it! 
Have a great weekend everyone and do something crafty!

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