Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Potting Bench from Old Pallets and Wood

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Hi!  Alese here!  One of the crafters from Reclaim-ologists and Other Crafty Chicks and Creative Blogger at 2 Crafty 4 My Skirt.

With Mother's Day almost here I thought I would share with you what I made for my mother-in-law last year.

The best part is we built it out of old pallets and wood we had around our place, so it didn't cost us anything to build!
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We had some old pallets and in the barn we have some old 2x4's that were worn to match the pallets.  We started by pulling the boards off of the pallets.

Of course my little boy wanted to help, but mostly he just played with the hay in the barn that was underneath the pallets.

When we were building the frame with the old 2x4's one of them cracked.  But that is what happens when you are dealing with old worn out wood.  So as you can see we just counter sunk some holes and put some screws down in to hold it together.

This is what our side frames looked like.

Then we just used a Brad Nailer to tack the pallet boards on the bottom.  We talked about putting a 2x4 across the bottom or something to sturdy it, but the pallet boards did a fine job of  that.

We used the Brad Nailer to put on the rest of the pallet boards as well.

We built a little shelf across the back, and put pallet boards down the front and the sides to hide the framework.

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We gave this to my mother-in-law for her birthday, but I think it would make the perfect mother's day gift too!  She decided she liked it so much, she put it on the front porch.  I thought it looked darling there!

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  1. Too cute! We're tearing down an old fence in a couple of weeks and I think it would be perfect for building one of these! Thanks for the idea and all the photos!

  2. Would you happen to have any dimensions or measurements for piecing this together?