Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's a tough job but someone has to do it...

Hair tucked up tightly in our hats, we are on our way.  "Shannon, do you think we will hit the jackpot today?" My mind starts to race with anticipation!  What will we find? 
What if we don't find anything?  It's killing me!

First stop and the excitement sets in.....

Carts ready we race to the back of the store to see what we can find, at first it looks grim, but never fear, we keep looking, then just like that one thing after another starts catching our eyes.  We put things in our carts, we take some things out.  We love to talk to people and then there are people that like to talk to themselves, it's always an adventure and the day has just barely begun!

The pile has begun, we hop in the truck and voom off to our next destination, laughing and singing as we go.  The interaction with our other crafters is so much fun we have really built a strong relationship with most everyone, and we LOVE to tease.  Well we were teasing one our very talented crafters Erica, Shannon texted her and her spell check on her phone ended up asking her if she was prehistoric..
Well that struck us sooooo funny!! We laughed until we cried!

Well we arrived at our destination, and sat there until we could compose ourselves and began our work again, this time we struck out.A little disappointed but not heart broken we gathered ourselves up and got back in the truck sweating from the heat and dying of thirst and exhaustion just for you .. hehe!  We were on our way to another stop and it was like a golden ray that fell from the sky shining on a little narrow street beckoning us to come forth.  We heard the picking angels singing, so we followed the light.  It was paradise, the streets were paved with golden treasures, we literally were picking through garbage but it was sooo worth it!  A little timid at first but by the third item we found we were pro's.

A few more shopping stops, seeing a high speed chase, wittnessing two full size horse statues some mexican food and a whole lot of interesting conversation. We were beat!  So what do we do now you ask?? Well we go get Slurpees of course, we needed a pick me up for our last few stops!

Do you like Pina Coloada's.... I do!

A 12 hour day of hard labor just for our awesome customers!! ... We had a very FUN and interesting day for sure, and ended up with a whole truckload of treasures just for you!

Hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes post!
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