Monday, April 15, 2013

Whats Your Color Preference?

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Did you know, we have a Projects in the Making photo album on our page? And along with that album, we also have a new Custom Order album, and what makes these two so wonderful? Well, its all about color! You can find a piece that you love, and YOU get to decide what color to paint it! Now, if your anything like me, you might be stressing out just thinking of the thought. Picking a color for a piece in my home, sends me into a sweaty panic. No kidding. I have the hardest time, and most likely than not I will debate and debate with myself, and eventually just go with my go to,  good ol' cream. It drives my hubby crazy, but that's just how things roll for me. I have to admit, I super LOVE color, but I am always to scared to use it in my décor. But as I have been researching colors, I believe I am on the verge of a change. Color is huge in home décor lately, especially on just one or two big/small accent pieces.
One of the most popular colors this year is, Emerald Green.
Well, according to And I am kind of loving it! Aren't you?
How about all these lovelies I found on Home Beautiful, on their list of most popular home accent colors?
I'm not sure why some of us are so afraid of color. Its a chance for us to bring our personalities into our surroundings.
And I will admit, when I first saw that Patones color of the year was emerald, I was scared, really scared, but look at some examples I found
Is this not simple beautiful!?
It doesn't need to be the 'bright in your face' green, its all shades.
It goes along with a huge trend right now, which is white or gray decorating, with splashes of wonderful color here and there.
Like this
How simply wonderful is that blue hutch, on a white back ground....(swoon). Just look at that color pallet below it, you never would have thought that mixing those colors would turn out as divinely as that, huh? I think the trick is, is too not use to much color, but use one or two furniture/accent pieces in your favorite color.
I found a wonderful tool, to help create your own color pallet HERE, so hurry and get your colors picked so you can  come to our page and pick a piece to make your very own.
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And guess what, all of our Reclaim-ologists and Crafty Chicks have already been hard at work getting fabulous colorful things ready to be purchased, just take a look at these wonderful pieces..
I love this green used on this bench,, the perfect shade of emerald I think...

And look at all these wonderful bits of color here! All work perfectly with what we have been talking about today.
These chairs speak for themselves, simple AMAZING!
Double love this.
This pop of yellow just makes me smile, :)
And how awesomely terrific is this?
And this custom color that Mandy and her husband came up with, is just to die for!
Visit our page HERE to find which pieces are being sold today!!
So we are all set and ready for you to tell us what color sings to you, and we would love to be the ones to bring it into your homes. Don't be afraid to add some color into your homes, like I have showed you today, it doesn't need to be overwhelming. Don't go and redo a whole room in  the color green, haha, just some accent pieces will work wonders, believe me, and the best part is, if you try it out in a few spots, and decide it doesn't make you as happy as you thought it would, its easy peasy to switch it out with another splash of color.
So who's with me, I am officially declaring today, that cream is not going to keep being my go to color any longer. (I'm sweating already) but I am determined to be a little bit more daring in my décor, and I just know that I am going to find a color that I wont be able to live without.
Have a fun BRIGHT happy day :)

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