Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vintage Memories

Oh Man!
I'm so excited to be a new "Reclaimologist"...or wait?  Am I one of the "Other Crafty Chicks"??  Not sure which one I am but I am honored to be a new vendor on the site!  I'll be taking my turn and blogging for you every once in a while so bear with me as I find my footing in this wonderful new group.  So...where to begin?  I'll tell you a little about my love of vintage and how I got here...I grew up in California in the 60's, 70's & 80's and yes, my Mother was June Cleaver's twin...seriously!  We came home from school on rainy days to a fire in the fireplace, cookies baking, soft music playing and a gracious Mother who lovingly asked us about our day...we played OUTSIDE until the sun went down, dragging out every blanket & sheet we had to make forts in the almond trees, enjoying the California weather and the one time it did snow in California...along came my Mom to take us out of school early so we could experience a snow day! We visited our Grandparents and cousins a lot.  My grandmother's home was filled with good smells (she was a wonderful cook), beautiful dishes and lovely furniture.  Her bathroom was beautiful & elegant and I loved to spend lots of time in there because of the beautiful chandelier sconces and the smell of her perfume, "Beautiful" by Estee Lauder.  They lived in Southern California and trips to Disneyland, the beach, Martino's Bakery & Bob's Big Boy were a regular thing...I KNOW this is where my love of that period in time came from...I know why now, Pyrex dishes in bright colors make me so happy...why a little collectible Bob's Big Boy bank makes me giddy and why anything from the ocean brings all of the smells & experiences from that wonderful time in my life rushing right back as if I were a kid once again...
And now I collect & hunt for it all...milk glass, sea shells, vintage tin beach pails, Dick & Jane books, vintage bubble gum machines, old furniture, all of those lovely things from that era that were so loved & appreciated by my people...and now I'm in the business of selling them to least some of the items I can part with!  Please join me on my blog, and watch for my vintage items on the Reclaimologist site and my Vintage Yard Sale Utah site on Facebook (look for the suitcase icon and you'll know your in the right place)...thanks for letting me share my memories with you...Christine

 This is a newer picture of my Grandmother's home...when she lived there beautiful trees filled the backyard, vines covered the fences in front and on the sides...but the memories are still the same!

THE best hamburgers & shakes!

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  1. I love memories. :) Nice to meet you even though I have no idea who any of you are since I'm a brand new visitor to this reclaim-ologist and other crafty chick lifestyle. :)