Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The little things

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You have seen all the beautiful furniture pieces posted on our page, they are gorgeous right?!
Well what about the little things .. Have you noticed all the fun accent pieces that are available for purchase? The right accent piece could change the look of that perfect space some examples available right now include...

A fun suitcase stack is so cute and adds character to your home
This cute piece could add just the right about of pop to any room..
Can you picture this curvy lady standing in the corner of your entryway.. I can.. soo cute
Super cool and funky.. this piece would look so cool on a mantel or a shelf and would definetly be a conversation piece
why not have a fun and unique piece sitting out that not only adds a cute flare but serves a purpose as well..
This is just too cool.. I love this little ladder It would be so cute to hang on the wall and put a picture frame on the step..
This super cool piece wood add to any room in the home.. its so unique and I love all the texture of this piece...
Look at this pile of treasures.. .I just love to sit and look at the picture, imagine all the fun things you could do with this in your home.. I can see that cute bird cage hanging from my kitchen shelf right now..
These little beauty is so cute.. just placing this in a bathroom, or a bedroom as a step stool would be the perfect way to add color and style.. I love this.
Look at this beauty.. can't you just see it sitting on your front porch with a pot of gorgeous bright pink petunias sitting on it.. it would be sure to turn heads for sure..
I hope you all have had the chance to really look at all we have to offer, this group is chuck full of talented folks that do amazing work.  I love being a part of such an amazing group of people, that are so creative.
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