Friday, April 5, 2013

Let's play a guessing game...ready?

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I didn't really introduce myself on my first post, so here's a bit about me. My name is Jodi and I've been married 18 years. I'm a mom of 7 kiddos, a photographer, and I love to refinish and create furniture and crafts. I love finding beauty in old things and love finding uses for discarded items. 

I love up-cycling and reusing. So lets play a game of guess what this is made from.... Ready?

Lets go~ These candles sticks I built are so fun! I love making them because you can choose your sizes.
If you guessed old spindles, then you're right!

This table I built was super easy and so much fun! All up-cycled parts...
This table was built using an old cabinet door, old spindles and old molding.

I made this to store all my daughters hair things on, but my friends use them for their kiddos artwork.
I used a old cabinet door, cut out the middle and added chicken wire. :) (you could also use old frame and save yourself on having to cut out the middle).

This one is pretty easy to guess. I fell in love with this bench and had a hard time parting with it.
Yep just a headboard. Super cute right?

I love making candy jars, so many possibilites..
These were made from candle sticks and old mason jars. Love!

Chalkboards are always fun! This one was super easy and only cost a few bucks
Old cabinet door.

Who doesn't love a kids play kitchen? Makes me want to play house with my daughter!
This was made from an old entertainment center! How cute is that?

Up-cycling can be fun to do with your kids too! How about these kids aprons?
Made from reusable shopping bags.

My kids all have their own monkey and they love them.
Made from a pair of old socks.

And last but not least, my Grandma loves this mini photo album and carries it around in her purse.
Made from an old Altoids tin.

Hope this post inspires you to reuse, up-cycle and rethink things laying around your house. The possibilities are endless! Leave us a comment on something you've reclaimed or plan to. Thanks for stopping by


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