Monday, April 1, 2013


J. U. N. K.

Hey folks! It's Jeff Carter, Reclaim-ologist. (I'm not sure my High School guidance counselor had that job description in her file.) I wanna talk about Junk!  Reclaimed, or Reinvented or Upcycled Junk. It's called by many names: Yard Art, Junk Art, Salvage Art.  Officially it is called Assemblage Art, and here is an example:
Bull's Head - 1942 Pablo Picasso

My passion is "sculpting" Junk into Something, hopefully recognizable.  I love to use things with the same theme, such as garden, tractor or farm parts all together in a related "assemblage". Here is one of my attempts:

It's hard to explain, but sometimes these things just "come together".  I now see an object and think: that looks like a (fill in the blank) and I grab it and keep it in my inventory. I don't like pieces like robots, I think they're too simple. And anything with a doll's head on it is too creepy, like something Sid would make in Toy Story! 

Functionality is also important to me.  Antiques and Vintage finds are great behind glass in a museum, that's ok. But I prefer them in a reused and re-loved state. 
This clock was fun because it really works, and the dial is stenciled with the words, Plant, Water, Weed and Sow.  
You can rotate the dial to where the pointer is, depending on the season you're in!  The arms would hold 2 hanging baskets.

The name of my Reclaim shop is the Rusty Ranch, because I love farms and old farm stuff. It reminds me of the days I spent on my grandpa's little farm.  Both my grandpa's knew how to weld, and were pro's at making things like this. 
They just never would have called it Art!  

Reclaim-ologists and Other Crafty Chicks is a great place to showcase my creations, even though they're a little bit different! 
Thanks everybody! 
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