Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fun things to do with Broken Chairs

 Howdy folks!! its Jamie from Rosey Relics, I'm so excited to be sharing this fun post with you all. I bought these chairs (there's 2) even though they were very wobbly and practically coming apart at the seams. They really don't have the greatest lines and I really didn't have the intent to use them as chairs but there is so many fun things you can do with chairs like I bought em anyway. If they're falling apart at the seams, use that to your advantage...Take that bad boy apart and build something fun and unique!
 Using a rubber mallet, carefully tap the parts sure to keep everything because you can use it all. Like I said this chair was basically falling apart so it didn't take much effort.
 I'll show you how to build an awesome bench with these 2 pieces next time:) get excited!
 For now we're using these parts to build a cute little foot stool

 Get your wood glue and some clamps. Put the original side dowels and crossbars into the existing holes and attach both the chair fronts together in a square
 Clamp them together to help that glue stick and dry
 we then put these original brace pieces in the corners to add extra support. This chair had an awesome like tongue and groove system holding it together so we applied glue and slid them back into place.
 For the top part we just measured the top and cut a board to fit..I was hoping the original chair seat would fit but no such luck. Now I wish I was an expert on upholstering...but I'm not. But even if you're not an expert you can still do basic upholstery like this. Cut a piece of foam the same size as your board, I then put some batting on top of that to give it more of a rounded look rather than a stiff square edge. Then your fabric of course....
 Take your staple gun and go to town....make sure you're pulling it tight as you go....the corners are the hardest part. It's kinda like wrapping a Christmas present. If you don't have a pneumatic staple gun like this, the manual ones work just as good.
 Then cut off your excess fabric so it doesn't hang down
 And here it is...Such a fun little project that any one can do. Things like these add such a fun pop of color to your home without doing major overhauls.
If you're interested in this little beauty she'll be at our boutique waiting for you to take her home.
Have fun and do something crafty!

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