Friday, April 19, 2013

Burlap's Back Alright!

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I hope you sang the title to the tune of our beloved boy band, The Backstreet Boys! Now that you are totally singing with JC and the crew, let’s get back to what hot this decade…BURLAP! If you haven’t been on the world wide web in the last year, you are totally missing out on the hottest, most versatile, and amazing fabric on the market right now. Burlap has made a major comeback and is seen everywhere. I currently am obsessed with the texture and possibilities that it brings. I started the year off with a simple burlap ruffle wreath. It was instantly a hot item and I made many custom orders.
So fun, right!? 
Next, I invested in some orange and green burlap to mass produce these cute carrot wreaths just in time for Easter!


After wracking my brain, aka stalking on Pinterest, I decided the bubble burlap wreath was definitely next on my "Burlap To-Do List".

 I think I have made one in just about every color possible. I can't get enough of these fluffy rings!
With burlap still on my mind, I decided to give new life to this little beauty I found at the local thrift store.
With a little spray paint and a whole lot of time, the out-come was the perfect lamp base and ruffle burlap wreath to sit prettily on my entry table.
Burlap has no boundaries, people. 
Unlike The Backstreet Boys, I believe that burlap isn't going to fade into outer darkness. So PLEASE do me a favor and jump on the burlap bandwagon. You'll thank me...I promise, and I never break a promise! 
xoxo, Morgan

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