Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why is "Shabby" Beautiful?

Hi everyone!  My name is Kristin.  Today I am going to be writing about why I love everything shabby!
 Mirriam-Webster defines “shabby” as faded, ill-kept, and dilapidated. Why do we love this style?  I believe it brings us back to a simpler time.  A time of farmers, homemade pies, and hot summer days spent sipping lemonade on the porch. 

A beat up chair or two is always a must have in my house.  This chair looks like it belongs on the porch of an old farmhouse.  I imagine a woman, tired from a hard day’s work, sitting down to knit and watch the sunrise.

Old hutches are the best!  These remind me of my grandma’s kitchen.  She was always baking and cooking large meals for us.  Her kitchen always smelled like deliciousness!  Whenever I went to her house, she would look at my wrists and say, “you’re too skinny!”   She would then sit me at the table and set large bowl of chocolate pudding in front of me.  Life was perfect.  :)

Dressers.  They have so many uses!  I love to see a dresser being used as a tv stand or a buffet.  One of my favorite pieces is a huge dresser I refinished that is now being used as an entertainment center.  I am fairly positive that neither my grandparents nor even my parents had such an elaborate place to put their tv.   In fact, my parents put our tv on an old plant stand!  

Vanities are great too!  I am sure that both of these are at least 50 years old.  I would love to have an old piece with lots of history.  Who knows how many girls looked into the mirror and practiced putting on their mother’s lipstick?  I bet they even hid love letters inside the drawers…

Furniture is not the only way to give your home that “shabby” look.  I have been drooling over these wreaths made of old book pages!  The vintage postcard banner compliments the wreath perfectly.  Whatever happened to sending postcards?  I haven’t gotten one since I was a kid and my aunt sent me one from the Grand Canyon.  

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love old, beat up stuff.  “SHABBY” can be beautiful!  I have only posted a view of the great examples of this from some of our reclaimers.  You can check out these and more great items at our

24/7 Online Boutique Reclaim-ologists and Other Crafty Chicks!

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