Monday, March 25, 2013

Staircase Transformation

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Hi everyone! We're McKenna Seegmiller and Neleh Nielsen from In OurSpare Time.
We're going to show you a step by step staircase transformation that we did.

My staircase in our home was in BAD shape! We were students at the time and I was looking for a way to make it look better without breaking the bank!

The first thing I did was pull back a corner of the carpet to see what kind of wood was underneath.
 I was hoping it wasn't particle board and was happy to find out the builder used bull nose wood stair tread.

I started off with ripping all the carpet and padding out.
Then I pulled off the tack strip and pulled out the staples and nails that were on the tread.
After you have removed all staples etc. from the stairs you are going to sand all the junk off this also helps to open the pores of the wood to accept the stain better.
Once all the treads are sanded clean up all the sawdust and wipe them down really well so they are nice and clean.

Now you are going to apply the stain. Apply the stain to every other tread so that you can still used the stairs to go up and down.
I applied two coats total of the Dark Walnut stain and and wiped off (follow the directions on the can) and then sealed them with 3 coats of Polyurethane.
Once I finished with every other stair I did the ones I skipped over before. 
After all the stairs were stained and polyurethane had been applied I covered all the treads.

I then primed and painted all the side molding and risers. After I finished painting I uncovered the
treads and purchased 1/4 round pre primed molding. I cut each molding to size
and put it at the base of each stair tread to give it a finished look. I then painted the base molding
and Caulked all the seams.

Here is the finished product! I loved how it turned out and it cost me less than $100

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  1. I LOVE LOVE This, I have stairs leading to a finished basement & they have carpeting also, I hate it !!!,
    Guess what I am going to look into ;)
    thanx for the Great idea !!!

  2. totally need to do this at my house!!

  3. hi, looks great! which stain did you use?

  4. Simply lovely! Thanks for the idea. I will try it with my stair case.

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  6. How do you keep from slipping and falling down them? They look slippery.

  7. I agree, I have two dogs that chase each other up and down the stairs. I wouldnt want them to fall.

  8. nice. looks better natural or a light stain though imo

  9. I am in the middle of doing this exact thing to my staircase! Doing the dark mahogany and LOVE it...and also painting white. Thanks for the tips... I think the hardest thing for me was getting all the seemingly endless staples home is from the late 40's and has the original maple staircase that was covered up with carpet as well. Beautiful job!!!

  10. I love how your stairs turned out! I'm doing this to mine in the next month or so.

  11. How to you transition from the top step to the second floor?

  12. I am also very interested in the answer to Jolene's question.

  13. I am also very interested in the answer to Jolene's question.

  14. Was there any suggestions on how to transition from the top step to the second floor? How did you all do it? The stairs look great!

  15. Thanls, wife has been wanting to take the carpet out and has seen this, guess what I'm doing this weekend? Thanks looks good hope I can make my look as good.

  16. Looks good but only if you have decent wood underneath

  17. I am pretty sure the wood under my carpet is just plywood, so I don't think it will look like this :(

  18. I am going to do this. Are the stairs slippery?

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