Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Coffee Table from Old Door!

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Hi Everyone!  Im Sausha from Sweet Pickins Furniture.  I love everything to do with DIY, decorating, finding awesome junk, and painting furniture!  My house and garage are filled with projects and im always up to something :)

I blogged about this project a while back @ and it has been one of my most popular posts, so here it is again for ya!  (When i blogged about this before, my blog was called Show & Tell, since then i have changed my blog name, thats why all the pics are still marked with the old name - just so ya know!)

 I got this awesome, perfectly chippy,  perfect shade of vintage green, door a few years ago.  It had been in every room of my house waiting for inspiration to strike.  I could think of tons of uses for the door – but nothing that would work for my house. 
But one day, it hit me that this could make one sweet coffee table.  
I really didn’t want to cut up the door – but I loved the door so much that by making it a coffee table for the room that I am in everyday just made sense.  I love the character that the table brings to the room – its pure perfection  :)
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And after…I basically just cut about 32 in off one end, cut that in half for the sides and put the rest on for the table top.  I love its simplistic rustic chippy yuminess.  And the color – so perfect.  I cant get over it.
To attach the sides with the tops, i just screwed it in from the top and also used some L brackets underneath - because the wood is so rustic, the screws arent noticeable.  
And of course, I left on the door knob, the deadbolt and the hinges – freaking LOVE IT!!!
Oh – how I love chippy goodness – you cant fake that!  I try, but there’s nothing like the real thing.
Ahh – life is good!!  I love propping my feet up on my newest, most favorite piece of junk.  I could stare at it all day :)
**FYI – I assume this table was painted with lead paint, so I sanded off all the chippy flakes and coated it with a ton of poly**
And since then i have made a few more that i have sold - here are a couple pics

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