Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Little Western Project for the Yard

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Today I am going to share with you some decor I added to my yard a couple years ago.
I originally shared this post on my creative blog 2 Crafty 4 My Skirt and have been surprised by how popular the post is!

There is a funny story about this Hitching post.  When I decided I wanted to make it I went to the barn.  We had a bunch of old posts laying around so I picked out the ones I liked, set them aside and said to my husband, "Ryan I want to make a hitching post with these so don't use them for anything."  Well 9 months to a year went by and I finally said, "Let's make that hitching post today."  So we head out to the barn to get my posts and they weren't there. Of course I say, "Where are my posts that I picked out?" and Ryan replied "Oh is that what that pile of posts was for? I just cut them up for firewood last week!"

It was totally my fault for waiting so long, but I couldn't believe if I would have made it just one week sooner, they would have still been there!  Oh well found some that worked just fine.

Ryan used the chain saw to cut them the length I wanted.  Then we got some giant nails, which I think we also had laying around, and hammered it together.  Then we put it in the ground about 1 1/2 feet.

I really like it but I have felt like it is missing something.  When I posted this on my blog I asked for suggestions of what I could do.  I got SO MANY ideas. And I finally decided I think I will soak the rope in some stain just to add a little more color to it.

What do you think? 

I would really like to hear from you.  What ideas do you ladies have to give this a little something more?  It sits right next to the sidewalk in front of my front porch.

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